Trying to articulate the essence of what you offer in a way that resonates deeply with your self and your ideal people is challenging work. And when you can't find the right words, it can be paralyzing.

Meanwhile there is so much online marketing advice out there (from countless blog posts to high-cost programs), it's impossible to follow it all.

Do not lose your self in all those supposed rules.

Do not allow your unique voice to be overwhelmed.


After a decade in corporate communications, the first iteration of my independent work with business owners was Smart Fresh Writing (sleaze-free copywriting for mindful entrepreneurs) launched in 2009.

Now, I believe we can do more with our business writing.

We can evolve past formulaic approaches to communicate in a way that embodies the essence of what we are seeking in the wider world: whole-heartedness, mindfulness and possibility. 


I describe my 1-on-1 work with creatives, consultants and coaches as being a business message medium.

I listen for the message within you and help you bring it to life, to connect deeply with those you wish to serve.

Working with Bec was actually quite profound... Because she really took the time to get the heart of our message — she actually helped us get to the heart of our business.

Cat Matson
I hope anyone who wants to express themselves authentically from their soul finds their way to this wonderful woman because she truly rocks.

Julie Stuart
Rebecca managed to gently liberate stuff that had been stuck for years… If not for Bec, I’m sure I’d be sans-website still.

Pauline Esson

1-on-1 Sessions

In marketing-speak, what we do together could be referred to as developing brand story and voice, marketing/sales copy or relationship-building content (blogs, newsletters, ebooks).

In practice, we will delve into whatever you need to awaken your business message. Specifically, I will help you uncover and articulate the essence of your business—you, your ideal people, and what it is you do that they love so much—and guide you in expressing this truth in the most clear and compelling way.

Your 1-on-1 session happens via Skype and is recorded for you to keep. Cost is US$500.


I offer a limited number of 1-on-1 writing mentorships which can be project-based (for example, if you are writing copy for a new website, or reviewing a book draft) or provided as a monthly package (ongoing support to develop a variety of content as needed, and to hone your writing technique).

In either case, my role is to be your ideal reader, your intuitive guide and your creative partner. This encompasses providing direct feedback and edits on your writing, plus email support for generating, clarifying and strengthening your ideas and strategies.

The first step in our mentoring relationship is the 1-on-1 session


How it works

First, to get to know you a little better I have four questions: answer them here to get started.

If I’m confident we can do great work together, I email you an invoice for US$500 (which you can pay via paypal or direct deposit for Australian residents) and a link to my online scheduling system.

You also get the Delve Deep Questions. I spend time with your answers, along with your website and any additional material you want to share (up to 10 pages), before our session. This is where I attune to the messages you are already communicating, and (often even more informative) sense what is happening between the lines.

We talk for an hour via Skype. I give you my distilled insights and ideas, highlight specific steps you can take to clarify and strengthen your writing, and work with you through any areas of stuck.

Afterwards, you receive a recording of our session so you don't miss a thing.

5% of the US$500 session fee goes to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Australia.

Let's get started!