Beyond robotic marketing tactics and formulaic copy templates is a path to business writing that pulses with life, embodying the essence of the gifts you have to share.

Writing that resonates with honesty, depth and connection.


Awakened business writing
lights you up and
becomes a beacon to your people.

“I struggled to articulate the essence of my business. After one session with Bec, I gained more clarity than after reading dozens of books on the topic. It was a huge turning point. I finally have the words to communicate my message, and I have a whole new sense of purpose.”
— Lucy S.

Hello, I'm Bec and I'm a messaging and writing mentor for lovely people in the business of doing good—creators, teachers, helpers and healers.

Together, we can clarify and deepen your business message, to shine more brightly and connect more intimately.

Together, we can awaken your writing and make your words as transformative as your work—alive with wholeheartedness, generosity and possibility.


Pages from my notebook...


About Bec

A few of my favourite things: jasmine tea, big trees & skies, napping, moodling and autumn.
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Awaken your writing

Let's work together to bring your words to light and life.
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I'm incredibly grateful for the people I work with.
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Thoughts-in-progress, pieces from my current project and snippets of inspiration.
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