Hi, I'm Bec. I'm interested in how we use words with clarity and integrity, allowing the beautiful nuances of our creative work and life to speak.


I'm for:

Releasing urgency and effort into ease and flow.

Living and creating unapologetically—
following the inner guide before any guru.

Communicating with deep awareness—
words that reach for the inexpressible.



I've been an independent writer for the last decade, working one-on-one with lovely people—creators, teachers, helpers and healers—to craft words full of heart AND impact for business websites, books, programs and blogs.

Guiding them to articulate their personal vision of service, and watching the awakened writing process light up their self-belief and energy, is a genuine joy.

At the same time, I've been living with chronic illness (Crohn’s) and the often-accompanying duo of anxiety-depression. I've also, as many of us self-employed creatives do, struggled with voicelessness—with feeling disconnected from my words and work. 

All this has challenged me to dive deeper, beyond simplistic answers and rules, to ask difficult questions of myself and the world, and to map (and re-map) my paths of meaning.

This is my personal story, yes, but I absolutely know that in our kind of work, business is personal.

These experiences have enriched my writing process, and honed the special capacities I bring to our work together: discernment, vulnerability, meaning-making, and the courage to navigate the contradictions of our creative humanness.

Awakened business writing is a process that gives attention to who we are and how we create, not just the final product. It's about sharing what's in our hearts—in all its exquisite messiness—to connect deeply with the hearts of others.

Read more about awakened writing, deep diving and exquisite messiness in my notebook.


I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with my husband and rescue cat.

In case you're wondering, I use 'beclei' in my web address and social media handles as a short form of my full name, Bec Leigh.

All the words, photographs and art on this website (unless otherwise credited) are made by me, please don't take or use them without permission. My favourite place to hang out is instagram.