Hi, I'm Bec. I'm interested in how we use words to claim our inner territory, speak from our whole self, and convey the exquisite nuances of our creative life & work.


I'm for:

Releasing urgency and effort into ease and flow.

Living and creating unapologetically—
following the inner guide before any guru.

Communicating with deep awareness—
words that reach for the inexpressible.



After a decade in corporate communications, I've spent the last eight years working one-on-one with lovely people—creators, teachers, helpers and healers.

Helping them articulate their personal vision of service, and watching the process light up their self-belief and energy, is a genuine joy.

At the same time I've also experienced seasons of voicelessness, struggling to articulate and reconnect with the meaning of my own work. Living with a chronic illness (Crohn’s) has been a further catalyst for inner exploration.

Mostly, it seems, my path has been about learning to be unapologetically me. That is, not denying anything about my self to conform to external models of success, and crafting a business and life in alignment with my natural rhythms and pace. It's meant taking time to pause, rest and simply be.

My awakened business writing approach emerged directly from working with clients, but also has been shaped and enriched by these personal experiences. Awakened writing is a process that gives attention to who we are and how we create, not just the final product. It's not only about expressing what's in our hearts, but also how we find our way back to those words when our heart feels broken.


I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with my husband and rescue cat.

My favourite place to hang out is instagram.

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