Let your soul speak

Let your soul speak

my wish for you:
to express your self
wholly, fluently, powerfully
your spirit in concert with your knowing
echoing through your business
reverberating in every line
in every word
a humming thrumming beat
that calls your own heart
and the hearts of your people
to dare
to open
to connect


I wanted to write a few lines capturing the power of having a juicy, nourishing relationship with your business writing. Something I could share to give people some insight into working with me.

But, what I wanted to say felt too... something. Too layered, too big.

I kept gently tugging at the thread of the thought during the day, putting down a line here and a line there, until something softened inside, and I decided to allow it to be too layered, too big, just for now.

I opened. And this poem unravelled.

What could unravel through you, if you allowed and opened—if you let your soul speak?

This post is part of my 'open studio' where you can see pieces of inspiration, ideas and writing from my current work-in-progress: Awakened Business Writing. If this has sparked any thoughts or questions you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you.

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Getting out of your own way

Getting out of your own way