Are we trying to choose too early?

I find my achievement oriented mind is almost constantly jumping ahead, trying to reduce messy equations of unknowns (also known as being creative / self-employed / alive) to neat, clear solutions.

Scattering seeds or ashes

We can hold onto the words and ideas until we reach that imagined finish line where it's all figured out and… keep on holding until we're left with only ashes. Or we can choose creative abandon.

Getting out of your own way

As it's generally understood, getting out of your own way implies somehow putting aside the anxieties and doubts... As though, if you just did enough therapy or meditated enough, or manifested enough positive energy, you could disavow all the 'stuff' that gets in the way of your creativity...

Connecting from within

When I search the world outside to validate my experience, my feeling, my desire // when I try to prove I am the same // I feel most isolated and disconnected from everyone and everything.