Let's awaken your business writing

I work as your advisor, guide and co-creator.

Together we will bring your story and words to light and life, to connect deeply with those you wish to serve.


If you feel you have so much to say, so many layers to your work, that it's difficult to draw the threads into a cohesive and engaging story...

If you're not excited (or perhaps you're even reluctant) to share your website or new offering because the words you have feel unclear, incongruent, too salesy—or they just don't sound like YOU...

You are absolutely not alone.

There's this notion that because we're in the business of doing good, because our work is imbued with a sense of personal purpose and meaning, that the right words should flow easily. And when they don't, the failing also feels personal—an indication that we lack the necessary competence, conviction or confidence to succeed.

That's not true.

We struggle because we care, because we value honesty, wholeheartedness and compassion. These values are not weaknesses to be overcome with marketing BS, but rather the path to our success.


I promise you: you already have within you the clear and compelling message you need to express your vision and reach your people.

Awakening your words is a process, and it would be my honour to guide and support you in that process.

“Working with Bec was quite profound... Because she really took the time to get the heart of our message, she actually helped us get to the heart of our business.”
— Cat Matson

Clarity Sessions

& Mentoring

1-on-1 Clarity Sessions

Mapping your path to business words full of heart and impact—clear and compelling.



You're here because you feel a gap between what you have to share, and how to actually express it authentically, powerfully, engagingly.

Through our Clarity Session we will close that gap. 

We'll bring your message into alignment with the essence of who you are and what you have to offer, energising you and your work. And we'll distill your words with depth and generosity, inviting your people into a place of shared understanding and connection.

How it works

Our Clarity Session comprises three steps:

  1. You spend time answering my Delve Deep Questions, and send your responses together with whatever material you have (existing websites and writing, drafts, notes, mind maps, mood boards etc).

  2. I spend time with your material, attuning to the pulse of your words—both what's on the page and what's happening between the lines.

  3. We talk for an hour via Skype. I'll have insights, ideas and strategies to share, plus specific guidance on how you can deepen and distill your writing for greater resonance and impact (for you and your people).

Together, we'll work through any questions or areas of stuck, and we'll map out a path for you to write with ease. Afterwards, you receive a complete recording of our session so you don't miss a thing. Past clients have told me they listen to these again and again both for practical guidance and energising inspiration.

The focus of our session can be any aspect of your messaging—launching (or relaunching) your website; planning and writing an ecourse or ebook; or refining your brand story and content strategy (blogs, newsletters). 

The cost is US$420.

I hope anyone who wants to express themselves authentically from their soul finds their way to this wonderful woman because she truly rocks.
— Julie Stuart
Bec managed to gently liberate stuff that had been stuck for years… If not for Bec, I’m sure I’d be sans-website still.
— Pauline Esson


Awakening your words is a process; you don't have to do it alone.


With mentoring you get:

  • ongoing guidance as you continue to hone your message and strengthen your voice

  • writing partnership through direct edits and specific feedback on your work—supporting you from drafts through to final copy

  • creative collaboration for generating, expanding and deepening your ideas and strategies.

How it works

This is a deliberately flexible format of direct feedback (through tracked edits and comments on your documents) and email support, that is completely responsive to wherever you are in the evolution of your business.

Mentoring can be for a specific project (website copy or an ebook) or a month-to-month package (ongoing collaboration for writing pieces—articles, newsletters, products, sales pages—as well as creative visioning).

Instead of feeling like you're creating in a vacuum, or sharing your works-in-progress with people who don't understand your goals and intentions, I will be your ideal reader and intuitive co-creator.

Most importantly, we won't only be completing the writing projects you need today, we'll also be growing capability and confidence you can carry into the future, to continue to powerfully share your message and reach your people.

The first step in our mentoring relationship is a Clarity Session.

Bec has an ability to go beyond my words and uncover the true meaning and intent of the message I want to share. She’s been an integral part of my team for several years—I’ve written workbooks, published articles in magazines and newspapers, designed and re-imagined my website, pitched a concept for TV, submitted a book proposal to a publisher and more, and all of this would not have been possible, or as satisfying, without Bec by my side.

— Jo Bassett, Leadership & Wellbeing Coach