Let's drop the armour of certainty and allow the beautiful messiness of our creative life and work to speak. 

Let's write our way closer to mystery and understanding at once, to ourselves and each other.


Creators, coaches and consultants—make your words as transformative as your work.

Awakened business writing recognises you and the people you serve as whole, complex and creative beings.

When you claim the bright fullness of who you are and what you do, and offer this with clarity and generosity, you invite your people into a place of shared openness and understanding. A place of deep connection.

“I struggled to articulate the essence of my business. After one session with Bec, I gained more clarity than after reading dozens of books on the topic. It was a huge turning point. I finally have the words to communicate my message, and I have a whole new sense of purpose.”
— Lucy S.

About Bec

A few of my favourite things: jasmine tea, big trees & skies, napping, moodling and autumn.
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Current project

 Awakened Business Writing: An inner path to words that light you up & become a beacon to your people.
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Letters for the Reckless

Thoughts on getting lost, making our own way and speaking up in life and business—straight to your inbox.
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I'm incredibly grateful for the people I work with—helping them articulate their personal vision of service continues to be a genuine joy and gift.
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