I'm interested in how we use words to claim our inner territory, speak from our whole self, and reveal the exquisite contradictions of life.

As we write with honesty, discernment and tenderness, we come closer to both mystery and understanding, to ourselves and each other. about bec » 



Awakened Business Writing:
An inner path to words that light you up & become a beacon to your people

This is a book about awakening your writing with depth, intimacy and joy. It's a process developed over 7 years with my wonderful clients—creatives, coaches and consultants in the business of making a positive change in the world. 

Through this work, I saw that beyond the tactics and techniques of persuasive copywriting, is an equally important inner process that gives attention to who we are and our personal vision of service. This is what truly lights us up and pulls in the people we wish to serve.

What finally spurred me to write this book (after many years of thinking about it!) was experiencing my own long, dark season of voicelessness. And so I'm now writing about not only how to communicate what’s in your heart, but also how to find your way back to those words when your heart feels broken.  read more »  


As the book takes shape I'm sharing ideas-in-progress through my Letters for the Reckless... sign up here


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